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Member of "Fédération Française des Véhicules d'Epoque"

A small history of a great passion.

History of the Club

Austin Healey Frogeye

Jaguar XK 140 1955 3L4 FHC
Robin Wood

Nous, les capots, on aime ça !

The VDC don't leave children at home .....

The succession is assured

Nos Voitures

 Jaguar D type 1961 

­Triumph TR3 1957 Ex USA
Triumph TR4 AIRS 1967
­Triumph TR4 AIRS 1967
JZR 1978 3 roues Moteur Honda CX500 de face.jpg (120531 octets)
­JZR 1978 3 roues
Moteur Honda CX500

MGB GT 1969_arriere.jpg (123551 octets)

­MGB  GT 1969
Austin Healey 100/4 1955 BN1 Boite 3 vitesses + Overdrive
­Austin Healey 100/4 of 1955 BN1
Gearbox 3 speeds + Overdrive

Engine 4 cylinders
2663 cm3 of 90 Cv

AH 100/6 1958

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The VDC  proposes with each one of its members, owner of one or more English cars of collection, to find at the time of the organized outputs the pleasure of sharing a common passion, by associating that it to discover sites of tourist interest


The magic-roundabout (lien)

Triumph tr3a 1960 blanche 1.jpg (89281 octets)
aston martinDB6 Face gros plan.jpg (161538 octets)


History of the club:

 The VDC was created in 1998 on the initiative of Olivier Commare and myself. Departmental and regional person in charge during several years for a club Triumph national and under the impulse for some members wishing to give pleasure with other marks, we thus created a club multi-marks of English: Austin Healey, MG, Triumph, Lotus, Morgan, Marcos, Vanden Plas, RR, Rover, Jaguar, Aston Martin appear in the list of the registered cars.

About thirty members for an about sixty cars. The VDC is an open local club which currently gathers members of the departments Normands and Picardy.

We propose each year between 15 and 20 outputs of which at least an European output.

A sincere, impassioned and cordial contact characterizes us and our broadmindedness encourages us has the meeting of collectors and the visit of other areas. I thus encourage you through this site to contact us. .

Pascal Gouel, President




A small history of a great passion.

A new TR4 bought in 1963 and which was never restored since but lovingly maintained. July 1963: I am happy!!! I have just taken in hand (what occupies my thoughts since already a few times) my Triumph TR4.

All that would not have arrived if

the local dealer of the mark, had not made me test a few months before the car of one of his customers. The poor fellow, celebrates it Monneret motorcyclist who had had the crushed right hand and the articulations blocked following an accident. Clutched firmly with the handle of maintenance, the test left me dubitative:l' rigid axle with the back was there for something. Sometimes let us not speak about its "brutal" behavior and about its somewhat aggressive muzzle.

Finally so much of reproaches for that which since so much of years me delighted without failing of its so musical and voluptuous sonorities… if it is not a passion, what is that ?




Annuaire Automobile
TRIUMPH Actuality


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